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Welcome to the official ProTennisFam resources page!
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Here you will find frequently asked questions, information on ‘The Fam’ Genesis Collection, The ProTennisFam Platform, PTF Recruitment Protocols, Holder Benefits, and everything else you'll need to get started.


Before taking a deep dive into the project, you should get familiar with some of the pressing issues it is trying to solve as stated below:
  • Tennis is EXPENSIVE... but it doesn't have to be!

    Despite being one of the most popular sports in the world, making it in the world of Tennis still seems like one of the most challenging feats a professional athlete could take on due to the expensive nature of the sport. A 2020 study by the U.S. Tennis Association showed that the average season as a professional would cost a player north of $143,000 in expenses. That's a lot of money...
  • Tennis is NOT very INCLUSIVE... but it doesn't have to be!

    Like it or not, a crucial factor for success in the world of tennis is access to stable funding and despite top players raking in millions of dollars in career earnings, many prospects and pros climbing up the ranks struggle to make ends meet. In addition to that, the slow digitalization of this very traditional sport seems to be robbing fans and players of more ways to connect with each other and build valuable social capital.
  • Tennis is TOO TRADITIONAL... but it doesn't have to be!

    We at PTF, believe that tennis should not only be more accessible for underprivileged athletes but should be more accessible for fans as well so that they feel involved in the progress and ultimately the success of their favorite players, which is why we teamed up with Borna Coric to create a project by tennis fam for tennis fam.
So how do we try and mitigate some of these issues? Continue with your deep dive to find out. ⤵️