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to the ProTennisFam Discord community walkthrough! In this guide, we will provide an overview of everything the ProTennisFam Discord has to offer, as well as a comprehensive guide to the ProTennisFam ecosystem.
The information in this guide is meant to help Fam members get the most out of their Discord experience and stay up-to-date on any future changes. We will be regularly updating this guide and referencing it in the future to ensure that all members are well-informed.

Joining The Discord

You can join the ProTennisFam Discord via the following link:
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Upon entering the server you will be required to agree to the server rules and proceed to the #verify channel to continue with your user verification process.
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To get verified you have to navigate to the #verify channel and interact with the official ProTennisFam bot by clicking the 'JOIN THE FAM' button, after which you will claim your starter role and gain full server access.
Additionally, you will be able to check out the #welcome channel and the #og channel if you are a blue chip holder.

Signing The Manifesto

Upon gaining full server access you will unlock among others; the #manifesto channel in which you will be prompted to pledge allegiance to the fam by reacting with the 🙏emoji.
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Claiming Roles

In addition to the manifesto channel, you will be able to access the #roles channel in which you'll gain insight into the designated server roles.
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Use the #quick-guide channel to navigate the server and understand the channel categorization.
The server is divided into the following sections: WELCOME - The gate-keeping channels PTF OFFICIAL - The official ProTennisFam project channels LOUNGE - The official Fam community channels SUPPORT - The official safety channels
Have fun exploring!
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The main chit-chat in the server happens inside the #fam-chat - the official PTF chatroom. Here you will be able to connect with other community members on all Fam matters. High engagement in all PTF discussions is definitely encouraged so make sure to stay dialed in.
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#staduium-talks is the secondary chat channel, reserved for pure tennis heads that are ready to spend days and nights covering the latest news, matches, and tributes. This chat is where all the LIVE tennis action is at.

Accessing Contests

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All discord community contests and initiatives can be found and tracked in the #contests channel AKA the trophy room. Here all community members will be able to access all and any past or active campaign information.


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The official PTF server #support channels are where you will come to raise any concerns PTF moderators and or administrators should be made aware of. The channel works via a private messaging ticket bot that will make sure your ticket is resolved in the swiftest manner.


For all other information make sure to really dig deep into the entire server by immersing yourself in the 'Fam'.