The Fam Section

What is The Fam Section?

The Fam Section is an exclusive content and social networking dashboard available to all members and holders of 'The Fam'! Here members of the Fam will be able to access exclusive media content like professional tutorials and interviews, connect with other Fam members, redeem all of their special benefits like Grand Slam tickets, receive invites to all official NTF Events & Tournaments, get first dibs on all merch drops & memorabilia and so much more!
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Where can I access the Fam Section?

Once you are logged into the platform you will navigate to the "Fam Section" page. On this page, you will be able to access different types of exclusive media, commerce, and networking dashboards.

What are some of the additional benefits of being 'Fam'?

The additional benefits you receive depend on the athlete and the benefits associated with his drop. The athletes themselves determine the benefits, which can range from private training sessions with their staff to meet-and-greet opportunities at tournaments, as well as access to exclusive chats and online communities with the athlete.
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