Athletes & Valuation

Verified professional Ranked ATP and WTA players will be featured on the platform with their seasonal earnings. Up-and-coming prospects will be featured as well.
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How do you define what share of prize money a token holder is entitled to?

Every future drop will be fractionalized equally between the minted tokens. Drops are valued individually before the mint and every token represents a fraction of the total fractionalized prize money.

Professionals Valuation

The estimation of expected earnings of professional ATP and WTA players is relatively straightforward, due to readily available historical performance data for established players. The aforementioned data are fed into a proprietary model which calculates the expected earnings for a player and is used as a guide in the negotiations with the player. The final valuation is a product of negotiations between the player wishing to fractionalize a part of his earnings and the PTF "someone who negotiates".

Prospects Valuation

Valuation of prospective talents is not as straightforward, due to the very nature of dealing with emerging talent. The transition between the junior and the professional circuits is widely accepted as the hardest step in any player's career. Other than players on the junior circuit, in this category, we also include any player whose seasonal expenses are higher than his seasonal earnings. Based on our valuation, as well as the negotiations, a player can be selected for either a "Prospect pool" or for a "Player exclusive drop". The players selected for the Prospect pool will participate in our biennial Prospect mints in which ten promising candidates are pooled together into a single NFT collection, and their cumulative future earnings are shared between the community of holders.
Additionally, exceptional junior talent or players who technically still fall under our prospective talent valuation but for whom our community wishes more direct engagement can be selected for a Player exclusive drop.
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