NounsTennisFam Platform & Launchpad (dApp)

The Platform

The NounsTennisFam Platform utilizes Ethereum blockchain technology to create a fairer, more transparent on-chain infrastructure for the development of elite tennis talent while creating a sustainable ecosystem of tennis professionals, fans, and experts in a security-compliant manner.
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The main purpose of the NTF dApp is to enable transparent, secure, and efficient sponsorship of young tennis talent, and commercial sponsorship deals established by the PTF Team with other professionals and prospects. In addition to that, the platform's token-gated community section allows fans to become more than that by becoming actively involved in the development of the future of tennis.

The Launchpad

  • Player-Exclusive Drop (Pros & Prospects) - A public dashboard that will feature and launch ALL player-exclusive collections.
Leveraging the power of web3, the NounsTennisFam Launchpad module enables its holders to participate in the building of the future of tennis while unlocking exclusive community perks reserved only for members of 'The Fam'.

The Features

  • Fam Section - An exclusive content and social networking dashboard. (TOKEN GATED)
  • FamShop - The official ProTennisFam merch & memorabilia auction site.
  • Miscellaneous - News, Profile, Wallet, Redemptions, and Settings management.
  • Personal Portfolio - A personal portfolio management dashboard.

Platform Access

To create an account on ProTennisFam using Metamask, you need to first install the Metamask plugin. Then, go to the ProTennisFam homepage and click on "Sign In" in the top right corner. In the pop-up window, select "Sign in with Metamask." This will open your Metamask wallet and ask you to sign a login message.
Once you confirm this action, Metamask will check if you are connected to the correct network. If not, it will prompt you to switch to the Ethereum network. After approving the network switch, you will be taken to the ProTennisFam 'Home' page. This process will allow ProTennisFam to identify you as the owner of the wallet and create an account for you.
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