Player Exclusive Drops

What is the Player Exclusive Launchpad?

The NounsTennisFam Player Exclusive Launchpad is a platform feature on which established tennis players and potential professionals can tokenize and therefore insure a portion of their anticipated prize money earnings.
The Launchpad enables members of ProTennisFam to purchase a stake in the player's future prize money or career earnings via Player Exclusive Drops (Pros & Prospects), and also gain access to unique perks and experiences.
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What are the two types of Player Exclusive Drops?

On the NounsTennisFam Launchpad you can either invest in professional athletes or up-and-coming prospects:
Professional Drops issue “seasonal tokens”, enabling their Fam to participate in their next seasons’ (typically January to December) prize money. They use the upfront proceeds to make valuable investments in their career, like hiring a fitness or mental coach.
Prospect Drops issue “sponsorship tokens”, enabling their supporters to participate in their success for up to ten seasons. They use the capital to kick start their career as they are not earning enough prize money yet, to cover costs like travel, a personal coach, and tournament admissions. Career token holders will usually participate in the athlete’s earnings from prize money and/or endorsements once the talent has broken into the ATP / WTA top 150.

Where can I see the Player Exclusive Drops?

Once you are logged into the platform you will navigate to the "Player Exclusive Launchpad" page. On this page, you will be able to access the drops of all players that have decided to create their Player Exclusive collection along with player profiles, deal details, and more.

What determines the size of the shares in each Player Exclusive Drop?

The percentage of prize money that athletes offer on the platform varies and is decided by the athletes themselves. We believe that many athletes will be offering between 5% and 20% of their earnings via their Player Exclusive Drops.

Why would Players launch their own Drop and why should I care?

By taking advantage of the platform, up-and-coming prospects can secure the funding necessary to develop their game, while established professionals can ensure a share of their earnings, putting them in a better position to compete.
At the same time, fans are given a fair chance to back the future stars of the sport, share their success, and become a member of the NTF Family which comes with its own set of perks like full dApp access, exclusive content, IRL events, and much much more.

In what currency will I be able to claim my shares?

The NounsTennisFam Player Exclusive Drop shares will be available for claiming in USDC, a digital currency with a value equivalent to the US dollar. Members can convert their payouts into fiat currency, such as CHF or EUR, through a cryptocurrency exchange once they receive it.
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