What is NounsTennisFam?

ProTennisFam is a patronage-oriented Web3 tennis collection, community, and platform (dApp) built on the Ethereum blockchain to help discover, support, and develop emerging prospects and established professionals on-chain.
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The Mission

Our goal is to empower tennis pros and prospects by transforming the fans into a web3 community of tennis benefactors invested in their future success.

    PROSPECTS get to develop their game without having to worry about funding thanks to the Player Exclusive Prospect Drops.

    PLAYERS get the option of fractionalizing a share of their projected winnings via the Player Exclusive Professional Drops to insure some of their seasonal earnings.

    FANS get to be involved in the development of pros and prospects and own a share of their future success while enjoying special perks that come with becoming a part of ‘The Fam’.

The Vision

We want to make ProTennisFam the ultimate web3 tennis project along with its own identity, community, and utility. We hope to see success rewarded, shared, and celebrated amongst the ones that care about the game as much as we do. We believe that tennis should not only be more accessible for underprivileged athletes but should be more inclusive for fans so that they feel involved in the progress and ultimately the success of their favorite tennis pros.

The Technology

ProTennisFam utilizes Ethereum blockchain technology to create a fairer, more transparent on-chain infrastructure in the form of the ProTennisFam Platform and Launchpad for the sake of both players and fans. Since Ethereum's protocol standard is the leading development stack for NFT production, we have faith that our products built on top of it can have a net positive impact on the future of the sport.
The tech is only the beginning though! Continue reading all about the project.⤵️